Corporate Performance Management

Carve works intensively with CorPeuM, a newly developed solution for financial planning and reporting that specifically aims to help companies plan and monitor strategic measures, taking into account the complex reality in which companies must operate.

CorPeuM supports such tasks as:

  • setting objectives and milestones
  • general financial planning
  • operational scheduling of plans, budgets and prognoses
  • follow-up on financial reporting.

The financial model and intelligence components of CorPeuM feature a highly practicable combination of objectives, variables, accounts and KPIs in multiple dimensions, providing an excellent image of the company’s status. Several functions that support the work are incorporated, including work flows and user roles which are indispensable for the swift, error-free execution of individual procedures.

With its series of in-built functions, CorPeuM can be quickly installed and run. From the first day, it is an excellent weather vane for enterprise performance. Carve has chosen CorPeuM as our own ‘best in class’ tool within Corporate Performance Management. It offers an agile, robust platform that users quickly understand and enjoy working with.

Read more about CorPeuM here, or contact Henning von Hauen for more information.

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