Shared Services

Many companies focus on being cost-effective in order to be more competitive. The concept of Shared Services exploits the advantages of scale that smaller outfits cannot attain. A shared service centre can execute the same tasks more efficiently and with better quality and service than could an individual company.

Our approach to Shared Services is holistic. We focus on:

  • organisation and people – do we have the right combination of skills to support business-critical processes?
  • efficient processes – standardising and continual improvement to enhance quality and ensure efficient execution of tasks (best practices)
  • support of the system, to ensure optimal performance of processes
  • establishing governance structures including Service Level Agreements, price/service catalogues and definitions of quality.

Please contact Peter Rüsch Hansen if you would like to learn more Shared Services.

Photo of Peter Rüsch Hansen
Cell Phone: +45 61 28 48 48