The Leadership Pipeline

The Leadership Pipeline training programme focuses on the individual’s ability to lead and to accomplish at their current level.

The programme takes as its starting point the situation of the participant and focuses on the current and personal challenges of the job. Through assessment, dialogue, exercises and reflection, the programme draws out the means to fully utilise the manager’s work day in order to obtain the best results from his or her direct reports. The focus is partly on the ‘unlearning’ of habits and directions that accompanied previous levels and partly on the acquisition of skills at the new level.

Carve delivers the only thoroughly tested training programme, which has been created by two of the authors of  ‘The Leadership Pipeline’, Steve Drotter and James Noel.

This is the only course on the market that trains managers at their current level and applies the principles of The Leadership Pipeline rather than simply going through the theory.

Through exercises and dialogue, evaluation of own use of time and working through the major management challenges, participants quickly gain mastery over the leadership role for the relevant level.

The Carve programme is targeted and tailored for the individual organisation whether public, non-profit or private.

Carve supplies certified training programmes to leaders based on the principles in The Leadership Pipeline. The programmes are developed by Sirrah Group in collaboration with Steve Drotter and James Noel, authors of  ‘The Leadership Pipeline’. The courses are suited to management training irrespective of the tasks’ background in the public or private sector. There is a focus on the effective use of time, leadership mindset training, and specific management tools – taking as a point of departure the individual manager’s personal situation, the strategy and vision of the organisation and the direct reports and line manager of the participant.

Past experience has shown that the programme delivers a significant increase in job satisfaction, increased dynamism and security with respect to talent development and succession management. The course can be arranged for up to 20 participants and can be supplemented with individual sparring, process improvements and governance, depending on requirements.

If you would like to hear more about the Leadership Pipeline please contact Peter Wang Maarbjerg and Torben Stig Christensen.

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