Establishing a culture that seeks improvement & innovation

Establishing a culture that seeks improvement and innovation is a decisive element in a long-term vision for strengthening an organisation’s capabilities within service improvement. A culture that seeks improvement does not rely on certain optimisation tools, but constantly strives to improve the organisation within a set of key areas. An important element in this culture is visible management and the establishment of a common organisational objectives management model. The whole organisation must therefore be involved and be part of the same objectives hierarchy so that results, improvement measures and support is expected throughout.

Work on objectives management and a culture that seeks improvement is relevant for organisations that:

  • intend to develop a habitus of continual improvement in its employees and thus establish a culture that delivers results sustainably
  • want to see objectives and results harmonised and made visible across the organisation so that they drive the common focus and direction
  • are ready to work intensively on the development of behaviours, to encourage improvement at all levels of the organisation.

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