Public sector strategy

The coming years will see the public institutions and utilities setting a clear agenda: increased and better welfare services for the same, or less, money. This agenda will be applicable in the case of public authorities that deliver direct citizen welfare services as in all other public institutions and utilities. Following years of streamlining and rationalising, the challenge will be to put in place completely new solutions and an understanding of public services – in terms of content, specific field, organisation, management, etc. In many contexts, a new type of interaction between authorities and citizens will be a central element of the new solutions.

Formulation and execution of multi-year strategic plans will thus be near the top of the management agenda.  For Carve, the vital components in this regard are:

In all cases, it is vital that organisations take a view with respect to framework conditions/opportunities and to the interplay of goal/strategy, processes, management/organisation, culture/people and IT/technology.

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Strategy implementation comes about through management focus, dealing with stakeholders and communication.