Optimisation & Control

Most companies are constantly preoccupied with control and optimisation of their key processes. For many, things work well – but few see documented, measurable and lasting effects. The reasons why effects are not visible or sustainable are as many and varied as the companies themselves. Yet there are some common characteristics among the enterprises that manage to create noticeable, lasting and replicable effects.

Carve has determined that the vital components in this regard are:

  • organisational skills and behaviours – the Leadership Pipeline
  • visual control mechanisms and reporting – operational and objectives management
  • a well-formulated strategy and anchored work tools – resources for monitoring
  • the ability to undertake changes and see them bedded down in the organisation – execution.

Please contact Peter Rüsch Hansen and Mikael Hegaard to learn more about our approach to Optimisation and Control.

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We don’t disguise it: we are nerdy (another word for detail-conscious), curious about organisations and insistent on seeing things through.

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