The CPO agenda

The CPO agenda. Success in aspects of the CPO agenda depends on the general effectiveness of processes, the organisation and IT and on an agreed, clear and effective governance structure for the whole organisation. Carve works with a complete procurement model that covers the entirety of CPO demands and develops/implements:

  • delineation of the group CSR ambitions and efforts
  • the assurance of complete business commitment to the implementation of the CPO agenda
  • procurement operations that ensure that goods and services are procured in the correct amount and at the correct time
  • sourcing operations that ensure that the right items are purchased in the right way and that company management of categories and contracts is sturdy
  • integration with budget- and target-setting and financial execution
  • company structural IT use within ERP, work flows, portals and BI.

Please contact Mikael Hegaard to learn more about how we can help with the CPO agenda.

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