The CHRO agenda

The CHRO agenda. A meaningful strategic HR department can deliver documentation, analyses and forecasts with respect to human resources, highlighting the organisation’s ability to execute the adopted business strategy. At Carve, we support the HR agenda in strengthening organisational capability and we motivate HR in pursuing the business strategy and in remaining targeted, strategically grounded and able to deliver direct value for the organisation.

We can help with such services as:

  • HR Analytics – statistics and forecasts with respect to human organisation
  • HR People – project management, system implementation, change of culture
  • HR outside/in – involvement of interested parties, organisational reviews, planning
  • the Leadership Pipeline – the only certified training programme that supports the leadership chain in accordance with LP
  • co-creation – user and customer involvement in innovation and strategy development
  • HR transition management – value through partner organisation.

We also support the HR department in its transition to the role of business partner for the rest of the organisation. For instance, we work on

  • the organisation of the future HR function with a focus on roles (front, middle and back offices) and skills
  • integration with other departments such as Finance and Shared Services
  • objectives, reporting and analytics tools and models
  • strategic planning and the HR calendar.

Please contact Torben Stig Christensen to learn more about how we can help with the CHRO agenda.

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