Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR stands for the work of companies and organisations in integrating social, environmental and economic considerations into their business activities.

Where this happens, shared values are created for companies and society and negative effects are avoided. CSR is characterised by:

  • issues relating to responsibility and activities imposed on the company or organisation by the law
  • activities voluntarily initiated by a company or organisation through their proactive efforts to create business growth and value for society.

It is by no means a new concept that companies assume their responsibilities vis-a-vis society.

What is new, and a result of globalisation, is the heightened focus on documenting, communicating and structuring initiatives is this area.

Carve can help in this regard. Read more about our approach and services here, or contact Henning von Hauen for more information.

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We know that CSR is good business – especially if  measures are made tangible and factual for the organisation and its surroundings.

Carve provides the people, systems and methods that are required for achieving concrete advantages in CSR more quickly.