Carve Solutions

Information Technology is often part of the solution when Carve assists clients in achieving their goals within Strategy and Execution, Optimisation and Control, and CSR.

Experience shows that if business acumen, process skills and the IT solution itself are combined from the outset, the project will attain greater advantages for the business and the implementation risk will be significantly reduced.

Carve therefore adopts this holistic approach, which significantly shortens ‘time to value’ for our clients.

Carve Solutions deliver ‘best of breed’ solutions within the areas of:

  • Business Intelligence/Business Analytics – platforms, as well as visualisation and dashboards
  • Corporate Performance Management – financial planning and reporting
  • CSR reporting – gathering and reporting on qualitative and quantitative data.

Please contact Henning von Hauen to find out how Carve Solutions can help you.

Photo of Henning von Hauen
Cell Phone: +45 25 26 09 09

Carve works closely with,  a company providing end-to-end solutions for enterprise needs in the area of Business Intelligence.

Carve works intensively with CorpeuM, a newly developed solution for financial planning and reporting.

Carve deploys the CSR system for gathering CSR data and compiling qualitative and quantitative reports on this subject.